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    This product is a wide-body 70T-80T heavy mining vehicles cab, new products to meet the large-tonnage, bridge widening tub and research and development, all the body parts are made of Baosteel, Magang ST14 drawing board, a full-mold stamping shaped platform can increase or decrease based on the width of the bridge, integrated spot welder, vehicle electrophoresis corrosion, high temperature paint and other advanced technology, body work fine, beautiful and strong, excellent sealing performance, together with the independent development of high-end luxury interior parts , using the most advanced technology of reaction injection molding dashboard (SRIM), cab complete electrical circuit, electric heating and evaporation tank assembly, self-lubricating directional control system, the cab can be processed polyurethane foam, effectively raising the seal and the role of noise, the engine compartment is equipped with thermal insulation cotton insulation, the cab unanimously approved users.

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